Ice cream without dyes and preservatives
Prezentacja: jak produkujemy nasze naturalne lody

peeling fruit

adding dry mass



weighing and packing

So you think that soft serve made in a machine is bland?
How to stop the tendency of decreased consumption of soft serve made with the use of machines?

There is a solution!
WANDA ready base for Naturally Swirled soft serve.

This is an innovative product. Its innovation consists in it being a ready to use product without flavours and dyes. The product is natural. We make ready strawberry, currant and cream bases, on special order we can make chocolate bases, vanilla bases and other flavours. Strawberry content in the base is ca. 70%. Black currant content in the base is ca. 60%. The stabiliser for all bases is natural locust bean gum. The natural soft serve bases are gluten-free. The base is then packed into a BIB packaging and it's ready to use. This way we eliminate the possibility of any mistakes made by the personnel making the soft serve mix. The final product - soft serve - is consistent. The sanitary service restrictions are lower. By using a ready base for soft serve machines you are not a manufacturer, but a distributor of soft serve, and thus there are lower inspection requirements. The base can be stored for 30 days under refrigerated conditions.


The first ready natural base for soft serve machines! Thanks to the Wanda natural soft serve base you will make perfect soft serve in your machine. This is a great alternative to soft serve made from powder. The natural base does not contain preservatives, flavours or dyes. What it contains is 70% fruit, and it is ready for use, no need to dilute. It also ensures the consistent quality of finished soft serve. The recipient who uses the base is considered a distributor, not manufacturer, which greatly facilitates investing in selling soft serve from a machine.

Naturally Swirled combines the best of all types of soft serve.

Naturally Swirled soft serve has the temperature of -7 degrees, which is the feature of the Italian style, but its density is taken from the American style. The higher temperature allows one to better feel the taste of the product, and thus enjoy it more. The density and structure of the soft serve make it very filling. What distinguishes the Naturally Swirled from other types of soft serve is its taste, close to Nature.

We make natural base for swirled soft serve in basic flavours, such as cream, strawberry, black currant and we can provide any other flavour on request, e.g. raspberry, chocolate, kiwi, mango etc.



Yes! Fruit, water, cream, cocoa, sugar, locust bean gum

Always fresh?

Yes! We make the base on request, every day


Yes! The base is always ready